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Construction of greenhouses Hydroponics

To build a greenhouse, according to the type of product intended for planting and cultivation of greenhouse land, along with the amount of budget considered, different types of greenhouse models can be constructed. Among the types of greenhouse models, we can mention Spanish greenhouse, tunnel greenhouse, polycarbonate greenhouse, glass greenhouse and hydroponic greenhouse. Greenhouse construction, if done in principle and by experts, will lead to increased production of quality products and profitability.

Greenhouses Hydroponics

Hydroponic cultivation: It is a system by which plants are not cultivated in the soil. In hydroponic greenhouses the plant does not grow in the soil. Plants in hydroponic greenhouses grow in water. The water in these greenhouses contains the nutrients needed for plants to grow. In hydroponic greenhouses, plant roots are fed directly from nutrient solution and are in direct contact with oxygen.

Greenhouse products

Hydropoint products:

All kinds of vegetables, summer vegetables, plants and ...
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